Iurie Nistor

Iurie Nistor - Software Engineer

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Welcome to my personal page. I'm Iurie, a software engineer and former researcher in Physics based in Chisinau, Moldova. During my free time, I develop free software, study theoretical physics, and enjoy nature photography.

Software Engineering

I am a Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the private sector. I've worked for various companies across sectors, including automotive, broadcast, communication, web services, and CAD. In recent years, I have transitioned to a full-time remote work environment as a contractor.

My primary programming languages are C and C++. I have experience in the following areas:

Free Software

I have a passion for developing free software and have been working on a percussive synthesizer called Geonkick since 2017. It is used by musicians to synthesize their percussion sounds and is available for GNU/Linux and Windows, as a VST3 & LV2 plugin, and standalone.

I've also developed a small GUI toolkit called Redkite, suitable for embeddable UI and self-sufficient audio plugins. It's utilized by Geonkick for its UI. Inspired by Qt, Redkite features widgets, object connections, and object tree ownership. Its graphics backend is based on Cairo. Redkite supports GNU/Linux (XLib) and Windows (WinAPI).


Since 2005 to 2013 I worked as an experimental researcher in optics of semiconductors. But I have always been curious about fundamental theoretical physics, so, I'm reading material in this domain now.

Photography & Music

In my free time, I enjoy nature photography and publish the photographs on Wikimedia Commons under the public domain. Additionally, in the past, composed music solely using free software on GNU/Linux